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“A highly reliable and trusted partner”. – Scott Hall, Wedgewood Accounting


When you refer or partner with a company, your credibility is on the line. That’s why you want to choose a company that operates with the utmost integrity, experience, and knowledge.
At JCA Specialist, ERC is our expertise.

  • We've successfully qualified over 15,000 businesses by strictly adhering to IRS requirements.
  • All claims are meticulously processed by our team of financial analysts, ERC experts, and signed off by CPAs.
  • Our winning combination of proprietary software and in-depth knowledge of IRS guidelines ensures that potential refunds are maximized.
  • We're here to support you and your clients not only during the evaluation and calculation phase, but also provide post-claim support and guidance when needed.

“I wanted a company that not only understood the complexities of ERC but also had the staying power and commitment to continue providing support beyond the ERC program's conclusion. JCA Specialist met this criterion perfectly.” - Kevin Lipomi, Owner Apple Imprints.

  • JCA Specialist has empowered businesses like yours to refer their clients so they too can
    enjoy substantial refunds, all without the headache of navigating confusing guidelines or
    grappling with complex paperwork.
  • We work with countless insurance agents, financial planners, and CPAs to get the refunds their clients deserved.

“Since partnering with JCA Specialist, we have referred a total of 20 clients to them, and the
feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.” 
 Scott Hall from Wedgewood
Accounting couldn’t provide enough positive feedback about the experience both they and
their clients have had working with us. Full letter of recommendation.

Take the step necessary to ensure you are bringing the value-added service of ERC claim
processing that your clients deserve by partnering with a company that many other businesses
have trusted to serve their clients.

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The team at JCA Specialist takes a professional approach to:

* Keep your business compliant with program rules and regulations

* Accurately calculate your ERC credits.

* Validate and document ERC eligibility.

* Reconcile attribution between the PPP and ERC payroll wages.

* Provide audit-ready documentation.


Even if you received PPP loans, you may still be eligible.

Unlike the PPP program:

* This is NOT a loan.

* This is a refund on wages paid.

This refund is a direct check to you and claimed by amending payroll tax returns.

There are NO restrictions on the use of this taxable refund.


JCA Specialist will only qualify those for an ERC refund who are eligible as defined by IRS guidelines.
For additional information regarding eligibility, visit the IRS website. Click Here

Get the latest ERC program updates from the IRS. Click Here


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